Reliable Staffing

Reliable Staffing

Maggy Staffingllc is a full service center for Employers and Employees. Our services add value to your staffing goals by helping you to maximize your time, money, and efforts so you can concentrate on your goals and growth.

Top Reasons to use Maggy Staffingllc







Whether you’re looking for one employee to assist you with a one-day thinking assignment, or a hundred workers to finish a major project, Maggy Staffingllc has the experience and expertise to service your needs. With our years of experience, we understand the diversified requirements of our clients and temporary associates and have developed a variety of programs to help you with every aspect of your company.

Here are 9 great reasons top organizations like our services.

1. Full-Time Recruiters

Maggy Staffingllc maintains a large staff of full-time recruiters. Should you need one associate for a couple of days… or an entire shipping department for a few months, Maggy Staffingllc has the resources to select the most qualified applicants to meet your needs. We are not only in the office, but we are on-site, at any location, and fully prepared to handle all your employee situations in person.

2. Localized Payroll Services

Handling payroll on a local level allows our temporary associates, or your future employees, to be paid on a weekly basis. You also get 4 great options for paying your employees:

  • Associates can pick up their checks at the Reliable Staffing Office.
  • Associates can ask for their checks to be mailed to their residence.
  • A group of paychecks can be delivered to your business.
  • Paychecks can be directly deposited into an associate’s account.

3. Maggy Staffingllc On-Site Program

Maggy Staffingllc understand and respect what it takes to run a business. Our services allow you concentrate on your core business needs with out worry about the employees you need to do your best. Based on your level of staffing usage, we can assign one of our Staffing Specialists to work at your job site, full-time or part-time, to handle staffing issues, paperwork, or payroll demands.

4. Drug Screening Services

Many companies are placing great emphasis on providing a drug-free workplace for their employees. This spans your entire staff in requiring that all individuals working on the premises, whether regular employees, temporary associates or contract employees to be tested for controlled substances. Maggy Staffingllc offers an excellent Controlled Substance Testing Program to help manage these needs in a timely manner. Many branches have the ability to perform controlled substance tests in-house or at your location. In locations where our program is not fully functioning, Maggy Staffingllc contracts a qualified, local lab to help meet this need the moment it arises.

5. Specialty Divisions

We at Maggy Staffingllc consider ourselves a “one-stop shopping” experience with specialized divisions that allow you to fill positions in a wide variety of areas. Our well trained Employees can provide professional experience which include but are not limited to:

  • Accounting
  • Clerical
  • Data Entry
  • Industrial
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Shipping
  • Stocking
  • Technical
  • Skilled Trades

6. Locally Owned – Minority Certified

Diversity is something Reliable Staffing prides itself on. We are a locally owned and managed entity allowing us to immediately assist our client’s needs. We are also certified by the South Central Texas Regency Certification Agency. This allows some of our clients to take advantage of some of the benefits of doing business with a minority certified company.

7. Customized Assignment Brochures

We offer our associates well defined and outlined brochures in an effort to address all duties and responsibilities for a particular assignment well before your new staff arrives. Reliable Staffing associates arrive ready to work, are well educated on your needs, and are ready to put forth their best work. Many of our associates do not require extensive training or orientation as they are well seasoned for the assignment needs and come with many years of dedicated experience.


By using our website, for all its great offered programs, we are able to offer your company a user friendly daily record-keeping and time-tracking system. Which also incorporates utilizing biometric technology. Reliable Staffing can save your company up to 20% of your payroll cost with our great system.

9. Extended Office Hours

We understand that 8 am to 5 pm is often not a time frame all work situations adhere to. We understand this by offering our services outside of the standard boundaries of common work schedules. Extended office hours mean you can reach a person – not a machine – long before the typical workday begins or ends. We also tackle weekends as well.